Please refer to the Eligibility and Selection Criteria page to ensure that you meet the criteria to become an AFLSP Scholar before starting your application process.

December 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018
Online application

Eligible applicants must first register their interest and complete the BXAI online application on our website.

Prospective students should also apply for admission directly with the Participating University (PU) of their choice.

BXAI online applications will close on January 31, 2018, after which the PUs will be notified and provided access to the data submitted by the applicants.

Applicants should complete the online application in English.
February 1 to March 9, 2018
Recommendations from PUs

Each PU may recommend up to 10 candidates to BXAI on or before March 9, 2018.

BXAI may, at its sole discretion, allow for late applications for PUs with an admissions timeline that extends beyond the end of January.

For each recommended candidate, the PU will provide BXAI with the following:

a) Applicant’s transcript
b) Recommendation letter from the PU
March 12 to May 17, 2018

After receiving recommendations from all PUs, BXAI's Academic Committee will assess the recommended candidates and submit their comments to the BXAI Executive Committee.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with the BXAI Selection Panel.
On or before May 31, 2018
Conditional scholarship offers

The awarding of AFLSP scholarships is conditional upon each candidate’s acceptance by and subsequent enrollment at one of the PUs.

Each awardee that accepts a scholarship offer must sign a commitment letter confirming his/her participation at the BXAI Summer Program and acknowledgement of other program commitments before receiving any benefits from the AFLSP.

The final selection results will be announced on our website on October 31, 2018.