CEO's Office
Bai Xian Asia Institute takes a two-pronged approach to giving: education & communication.
Education is the most critical tool in transforming lives. The philosophy behind the philanthropy of education is clear. Once equipped with learning, knowledge, and experience, you can in turn teach other people, and make a positive impact on the broader society. Indeed, when education impacts some of the most capable young minds, the potential positive impact on the world is multiplied still further.
Active and open communication strengthens relationships and promotes lasting friendships. The Institute's communication strategy centers around making our mission and vision RELEVANT to our audience:
  • We will grow in scale and reach, ultimately working with like-minded people across Asia
  • We will see our Enrichment Program considered the best of its kind
  • We will enjoy the support of a robust alumni network
We at the Institute look forward to knowing & working with our supporters, partner institutions, and at least 500 wise and globally-aware young alumni in just 5 years’ time!

Ms. Ronna Chao
  • Ms. Ronna CHAO
    Ms. Ronna CHAO
    Chief Executive Officer, BXAI
    Chief Executive Officer, Novel Investments Limited
    Board Governor
    Executive Committee Chair
    Ms. Ronna    CHAO

    Ms. Ronna CHAO is Chief Executive Officer of Novel Investments Partners Limited, Chairman of Novetex Textiles Limited, and a Director of Novelpark Investments Limited.  Her responsibilities in these various capacities cover investment and portfolio management, property redevelopment, and textile manufacturing.  Ms. Chao has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Brown University, and earned her M.B.A. from Stanford University.  She also spent a year as an undergraduate at Keio University.

    Prior to joining the Novel Group, she worked as a Mergers & Acquisitions financial analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York, and an associate in the Licensing Department of the lifestyle and apparel company Tommy Hilfiger Corporation.  Ms. Chao has been a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Zhejiang Provincial Committee since 2013.  She also serves as Supervisor and Board Trustee at the International Christian School of Hong Kong. In addition, Ms. Chao was a Court Member of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology from 2010 to 2016.

The rest of the working team comprises:
  • Ms. Deborah MEASOR
    Ms. Deborah MEASOR
    Manager, Programs & Operations, BXAI
    Ms. Deborah MEASOR

    Ms. Deborah MEASOR is Program Manager at Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI). She joined the Institute in 2014, and actively oversees the Institute's daily operations and administration of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP). Ms. Measor is a qualified accountant and prior to joining the Institute worked at KPMG as an Assistant Manager for over 3 years advising on financial accounting and compliance matters.

    Ms. Measor's first experience of an international cross-cultural education at Li Po Chun United World College opened her mind to the manifold, diverse cultures and perspectives of her friends and classmates from around the world. This imprint alerted her to the potential changing power of a collaborative, shared living and learning experience, and spurs her interest in the development of the AFLSP. Ms. Measor received an M.A. Honors in Economics and Accounting from the University of Edinburgh in 2008. She is a diving enthusiast and loves all forms of underwater creatures. She received her PADI Open Water Certification in 2011. 

  • Ms. Kitty BIN
    Ms. Kitty BIN
    Administrative Officer, BXAI
    Ms. Kitty BIN

    Ms. Kitty Bin is Administrative Officer of Bai Xian Asia Institute. She manages the Institute’s daily finance, administrative and human resources matters in support of the Institute’s operations.

    Kitty has over 10 years' experience in general administrative and human resources management. Prior to joining the Institute, she worked as a Senior Executive Assistant in the branded retail sector. She completed her undergraduate studies in Training and Human Resources Management in 2010.

    Kitty has many interests, including music, reading novels, and watching movies. She also enjoys travelling, experiencing new cultures and trying new cuisine.

  • Mr. Daniel TO
    Mr. Daniel TO
    Senior Associate, Programs and Operations, BXAI
    Mr. Daniel  TO

    Mr. Daniel TO joined Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI) in April 2015, and assists in the daily operations of the Institute and all aspects of implementing the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program. He is passionate about engaging scholars and alumni to build a vibrant Bai Xian community.

    Graduating from Macquarie University, Sydney in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Daniel spent a year working for a social enterprise as a Project Coordinator, building homes for the indigenous people of Malaysia. He participated in and organized numerous builds and workshops for volunteers and organizations, including the Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia. Daniel has also volunteered in numerous community outreach activities in China, the Philippines and South Africa.

    Working and living in different countries around the world has enabled Daniel to have an appreciation for the differences in people’s backgrounds and cultures. Daniel hopes that his work will empower the students he works with to value diversity.

  • Ms. Agnes YEUNG
    Ms. Agnes YEUNG
    Associate, Programs and Operations, BXAI
    Ms. Agnes YEUNG

    Ms. Agnes YEUNG serves as an Associate at Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI). She assists in the operation and administration of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program and supports BXAI’s development.  

    Agnes received her Bachelor’s degree in English Studies at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and studied abroad on exchange at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.  As a mixing pot of global cultures, her passion for intercultural exchange was ignited during her stay in Sydney.  Having made friends from all of the world, she also learnt about their different customs and cultures. 

    Since her undergraduate studies, Agnes has actively volunteered at an international social work organization to champion capacity building projects in developing countries.  She hopes her contribution would make a difference in the developing world.   Prior to joining BXAI, Agnes worked in corporate communication advocating corporate social responsibility and youth development.  

    In her spare time, Agnes enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies, and travelling.  She is an avid supporter of the performing arts and symphony and is always keen to explore the best taste in town!

  • Ms. Ellen ZHUANG
    Ms. Ellen ZHUANG
    Associate, Communication & Development, BXAI
    Ms. Ellen ZHUANG

    Ms. Ellen ZHUANG is an Associate at Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI). During her time as an undergraduate in Chongqing, she organized volunteer groups to serve remote villages where the indigenous people were in need. 

    Throughout these experiences Ellen recorded a series of stories in articles and documentaries to raise the public's awareness of the needs of marginalized people.

    In 2015, Ellen received her Masters Degree in Comparative and Literary Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University.  Through her study abroad experience Ellen’s interest in cross-cultural communication has grown. She is pleased to work with Bai Xian in providing international education opportunities to students in Asia. 

  • Ms. Erica TSOI
    Ms. Erica TSOI
    Assistant Associate, BXAI
    Ms. Erica TSOI

    Ms. Erica TSOI serves as Assistant Associate at Bai Xian Asia Institute and assists in all aspects of the Institute’s operations.

    Having a keen interest in civil & social development, Erica completed her undergraduate studies in Sociology in 2016. She has worked with various government agencies and joined the Secretariat of the Legislature as an intern during her undergraduate years. These experiences deepened her understanding and appreciation of the role of the public sector in society.

    Erica is passionate about travelling and experiencing new cultures firsthand.  Throughout her studies, she visited many provinces in China and learnt about differences between different ethnic groups even within one country.  In 2013, she participated in the Work & Travel USA program in New England, USA, and in 2016, she took up work exchange in Japan once again.  Working and travelling abroad, her appreciation of the differences and similarities between cultures continued to deepen and grow and she learnt to respect and get along with people from all across the globe.  

    Erica hopes to devote herself to fostering cultural exchange amongst countries and different ethnic groups.  

  • Mr. Manson LEUNG
    Mr. Manson LEUNG
    Assistant Associate, BXAI
    Mr. Manson LEUNG
    Mr. Manson LEUNG serves as Assistant Associate at Bai Xian Asia Institute, and assists in design and production for the promotion of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program. 
    Manson received a Bachelor of Media and Social Communication degree from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2016.  Having a keen interest in social issues, he completed various media projects in university, interviewing multiple sectors of society to document the effects of social development in Hong Kong.
    Manson completed an internship at a renowned local film production company.  This experience expanded his horizons, deepened his understanding of the creative industry, and fuelled his interest in further developing his own creativity.
    Manson enjoys volunteering with Caritas, YMCA, and numerous other organizations to give back in his leisure time.  His other interests include hiking, photography, reading, and he has a phenomenal singing voice.