President and his Academic Committee
Bai Xian Asia Institute provides university students from countries in Asia the opportunity and means to gather together - to learn, live, conduct research on relevant topics and enjoy healthy recreation as a group, and thus to explore, discuss and appreciate one another’s thoughts, reasoning and viewpoints through real-life experience. We hope to plant seeds of goodwill among these intelligent, capable and idealistic young elites, and create an environment in which lasting friendship can be developed and nurtured. As some of them become leaders in their own countries, they will be in a favorable position to help promote peaceful coexistence and friendly partnerships between the nations and people in Asia.

The Institute stands high and looks far at all of Asia. At this founding stage, we choose to stand on solid ground and start small. We begin with East Asia and focus on China, Japan and Korea, followed by Singapore and Vietnam – countries which more or less share common roots in language and Confucianism.
Professor Woo Chia-Wei