Our Sponsors
Bai Xian Asia Institute (“BXAI” or the “Institute”), set up to implement scholarships and other educational programs, is funded by a separate body, Bai Xian Education Foundation (“BXEF”), a private family foundation incorporated in Hong Kong and established exclusively for charitable purposes.
BXAI evolved from the vision of its founder and Honorary Chairman, Mr. Ronald Chao. He is contributing at least US$100 million to the “Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program” (“AFLSP” or the “Program”)and is supported by two core groups, one from Hong Kong and one from Japan.
BXAI’s five Founding Members have committed to contributing US$10 million in aggregate towards setting up the BXAI Endowment Fund. This will provide for at least 10 scholarships every year in perpetuity.
5 Founding Members
  • Ms. Ronna Chao
  • Mr. David Mong
  • Mr. Shinichiro Watari
  • Mr. K. T. Chao
  • Mr. Masaaki Ogino