Hitotsubashi University
Founded in 1875, Hitotsubashi University began as the Institute for Business Training. The University's Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) was established in 2000 in the heart of Tokyo to focus on imparting practical knowledge and globally relevant skills through an all-English, global MBA program. 
Students at ICS
(Full-time English MBA only)
70 including 57 international (As at April 1,2016)
AFLSP Scholars
(from 2014)
Scholarship places are offered for admission to ICS only
Unique Program Offerings
  • Focus on ICS, a unique business school in Japan offering "double degree" MBA program that allows for one year at Peking University or Seoul National University in addition to a year in Tokyo, resulting in an MBA from both
  • Special courses on “Knowledge Management”, a globally-accepted management model originated in Japan
  • Majority of classes are discussion-based, not lecture format
  • Curricular elements cover Japanese culture, business, and economy, as well as the diverse management trends across Asia
  • Student body of ICS is about 80% international

* Hitotsubashi University operates an independent selection process for the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program. Please apply for admission and contact the university directly to express your interest.

** Click here to learn about the cost breakdown of the AFLSP Scholarship at our six Anchor Universities.
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