Kyoto University
Founded by Imperial Ordinance on the 18 June, 1897, Kyoto University is the second imperial university established in Japan.
Students 23,391 including 1,882 international
Bai Xian Asian Scholars
(from 2014)
Scholarship places are offered for admission to all research postgraduate programs
Unique Program Offerings
    • 2-year Master or Doctoral program in a wide array of disciplines
    • An intensive one-semester program on cross-discipline enrichment to widen exposure in the fields of arts, humanities, and sciences 
    • Credit-bearing KUINEP Program, to offer a fresh perspective on the study of Japan, addressing topical global issues 
    • 30-50% will be taught in English
    • Japanese language courses

    * Kyoto University operates an independent selection process for the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program. Please apply for admission and contact the university directly to express your interest.

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AFLSP Coordinator, International Education and Student Mobility Division, Education Promotion and Student Support Department, Kyoto University