Zhejiang University
Founded in 1897 as Qiushi Academy, Zhejiang University is one of the earliest modern academies of higher education in China.
Students 51,155 including 3,816 international
Bai Xian Asian Scholars
(from 2014)
Scholarship places are offered for all Master's degree programs
Unique Program Offerings
  • 2-year Master in Public Administration program to increase understanding of the ‘real' China both within the country and in the context of globalization; taught in English
  • "China Insights" incorporates visits to government departments, communities, factories, schools, and media to observe the ‘real' China in action
  • Regional studies on "China in Asia" allow for in-depth discussions on the relationships among Asian countries
  • A special focus on practical applications of theories to help develop future leaders in the public sectors

* Zhejiang University operates an independent selection process for the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program. Please apply for admission and contact the university directly to express your interest.

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International College of Zhejiang University