Governance Structure
Transparency and good governance are critical to our success. All of our operations come under the direction of our Board of Governors and are guided by our Advisory Council comprising renowned leaders across multiple disciplines.
Our Governors have developed terms of reference for the Board and each of its 3 working committees, namely Executive Committee, Communication and Development Committee, Nominating Committee.
Bai Xian Asia Institute is incorporated in Hong Kong as a non-profit company for charitable purposes. We have been granted tax exemption by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.
Governing Board
  • Maximum 9 Members
    (Mainly business leaders, professionals and academics)
  • Supported by 3 working committees
Executive Committee

  • Chaired by Ms. Ronna CHAO
Communication and Development Committee
  • Chaired by Mr. MA Yung Kit
Nominating Committee

  • Chaired by Mr. K.T. CHAO
CEO'S Office
  • Ms. Ronna CHAO serves as Chief Executive Officer
President and his Academic Committee
  • Professor Katsuichi UCHIDA serves as Interim President