Bai Xian Asia Institute evolved from the vision of our Honorary Chairman,
Mr. Ronald Chao

Sep 2010 - Funded international dormitories in China

Concerned with the fragility and volatility of Sino-Japanese relations, Mr. Chao funded the construction of "Sino-Japanese Youth Centers" at 5 renowned universities in China to promote friendship and understanding between young people of the 2 nations. These were renamed "Asian Youth Centers" in 2013 to accommodate students from other Asian countries.
July 2013 - Set up the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP)
Inspired by the achievements of Rhodes Scholars and the launch of the Schwarzman Scholars program, Mr. Chao decided to extend his vision to nurture future generations of Asian leaders. Full scholarships will be provided for Asian students to study abroad at leading universities in China, Japan, and Korea. Furthermore, universities may apply for grants to develop Enrichment Programs to facilitate cross-cultural understanding.
Jan 2014 - Established Bai Xian Asia Institute
With the support of 5 founding members, the Institute was established to oversee the development and implementation of the AFLSP.
May 2014 - Six Anchor Universities joined the AFLSP
The Institute and Bai Xian Education Foundation entered into scholarship agreements with 6 leading universities in China and Japan between February and May 2014. These are: (1) Hitotsubashi University; (2) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; (3) Kyoto University; (4) Peking University; (5) Waseda University; and (6) Zhejiang University.
Oct 2014 - Initiated the AFLSP Pool of Scholarships for Participating Universities
To further expand the AFLSP, the Institute invited 8 other leading universities to join as Participating Universities and BXAI's 5 founding members together contributed US$10 million toward setting up the BXAI Endowment Fund under the Institute’s management to support the expansion.
Presently - Expanding Our Reach
The Institute will continue to develop relationships in China, Japan, and Korea, in the hope that more will join the AFLSP. We seek to provide a common platform for our Anchor and Participating Universities to internationalize Asian campuses through networking and partnerships.