BXAI Summer Program

The BXAI Summer Program 2023 will be held in Tokyo in partnership with Waseda University from August 4 to 18. It will be the first in-person Summer Program in three years! Approximately 70 Bai Xian Scholars and Alumni from universities across East Asia will gather together and explore the theme “Transformation of Globalization,” examining how globalization has shifted and evolved over the past few years against a backdrop of an ever-changing global landscape.

During the first week, scholars will enjoy opportunities to form new friendships, foster their communication skills, and immerse themselves in cultural experiences through team building activities and excursions to Nikko, a picturesque city located north of Tokyo. They will also participate in academic sessions, workshops, and seminars designed for personal growth, learning, and exploration.

The second week will see participants take part in more skill-building workshops, as well as special sessions aimed at facilitating connections within and beyond the BX community, such as an alumni evening, a panel discussion with entrepreneurs, and a modified “Travel with Me” activity.

Towards the end of the program, scholars will deliver group presentations to share their learnings, and celebrate the completion of the eighth BXAI Summer Program at a closing ceremony and gala dinner alongside their fellow scholars, alumni, and BX community members.

The annual BXAI Summer Program is held every August and gathers current Bai Xian Scholars on one university campus for a fun and enriching experience designed to broaden perspectives, foster community, and extend learning beyond the classroom.

The BXAI Summer Program is an important component of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP).  Designed to extend learning beyond the classroom, the summer program aims to provide scholars with a unique opportunity to explore important topics, build community, and develop 21st-century skills in an immersive and engaging setting.  Through exchanges with influential global leaders, panel presentations, debates, and skill-building workshops, scholars are able to broaden their perspectives and develop a greater understanding of important issues that relate to Asia and its role in the changing global landscape.  In addition, field trips, workshops, and special tours allow scholars to experience the local culture and customs of the host country, while various experiential activities provide opportunities for scholars to form treasured friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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