The Bai Xian Alumni Initiative Award (AIA) was launched in 2017 with the goal of encouraging Bai Xian Alumni to develop socially responsible action plans that address challenges faced by Asia’s communities, environments, and economies.  Since its inception, the AIA has supported three winning teams in their respective endeavors to make a positive impact.

Having witnessed the enthusiasm of alumni and scholars to realize their visions for change, Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI) is pleased to announce the launch of the Bai Xian Project Award (‘the Award’) – a new program that supports short-term projects across three areas including: social innovation, intercultural exchange, and East Asia research.

The Award invites both Bai Xian Scholars and Alumni to pitch ideas for short-term projects (spanning three to eight months) related to social innovation, intercultural exchange, or East Asia research, within the context of Asia.  Projects may be in any format, but should involve innovative, educational, and/or intercultural components.  Every year, the Award will select a maximum of five projects to support, with chosen teams receiving funding of up to USD 4,000 each.

Project Areas

Social InnovationProjects may involve but are not limited to: business, new media, technology, virtual platforms, volunteer work, tackling social issues in Asia, etc. The award aims to provide partial support for the entire project cost.
Intercultural ExchangeProjects may involve but are not limited to: field trips, educational seminars, conferences, volunteer work, etc. The award aims to provide partial support for the entire project cost.
East Asia ResearchProjects may involve but are not limited to: research papers, seminars, conferences, research field trips, etc. The award aims to provide partial support for the entire project cost.

Support from BXAI

  • BXAI will help facilitate connections between scholars and alumni.  Participants are also encouraged to take advantage of the Bai Xian LinkedIn group as a platform for networking and exchange.
  • Potential two-hour virtual business training for participants (depending on need).
  • Mentorship/project support from BX community members may be arranged according to need.
  • Project leaders must be BX Scholars or Alumni (all former participants of the BXAI Summer Program are considered alumni).
  • Teams should consist of three to six members.  Leaders are encouraged to form teams with fellow BX Scholars/Alumni.
  • Projects should align with one of the listed project areas, i.e. social innovation, intercultural exchange, or East Asia research.
  • (Optional) Teams may choose to propose project ideas that were presented during the Final Presentations from previous BXAI Summer Programs.
Bai Xian Project Award Guidelines

Note: BXAI reserves the right to determine the eligibility of each submission based on the above requirements.

Special Notes

  • Selected teams shall provide an update of their progress three months after project kickoff date.  Projects must kick off within six months of the announcement of award results.
  • Funding will be disbursed in two installments, subject to satisfactory project execution and mid-term progress report.  BXAI reserves the right to determine disbursement arrangements for each team, depending on performance.
  • Selected teams will be invited to share on BXAI platforms in the near future.  They are also required to support the future awardees.
  • BXAI reserves the right to final decision regarding all matters relating to the Award.


  • Be realistic
  • Be mindful of project needs when forming your team so that each member is able to contribute his/her unique skills and talents
  • Ensure your project plan is clear and concise
  • Consider your personal capacity and time commitment
  • Be accountable for your proposed deliverables
  • Consider the added complexity of collaborating with people in different cities

Bai Xian Project Award 2021 Winning Teams

Congratulations to Archi-Culture​​, Hi-Tech​​, iEA, and WAPEKO – winners of the first cycle of the Bai Xian Project Award (BXPA)!  Launched this year, the BXPA aims to support BX Scholar/Alumni-led short-term projects within the areas of social innovation, intercultural exchange, or East Asia research.  Stay tuned for updates on next cycle’s application details and timeline!

Thinking about applying for the Bai Xian Project Award?  Check out some great tips from BX People for more inspiration!

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