Taskforce List

As part of its efforts to deepen engagement within the Bai Xian community, Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI) established its Alumni Association in 2019 for the benefit of alumni and scholars of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP).  Comprising four city-based alumni chapters in Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, and Kyoto, the BXAI Alumni Association aims to further the mission and vision of BXAI by building a close-knit community across cities in Asia.

Through city-based alumni chapters, the BXAI Alumni Association aims to:
•   Connect different cohorts of alumni and scholars
•   Cultivate a sense of belonging for new scholars
•   Expand the reach of the AFLSP
•   Engage the BX community across cities

If any scholar or alumnus/alumna is interested to be the task force of the city-based alumni chapter, please contact us at bxai_alumni@bxai.org from July 1 to August 31 of the year.

Contact Person

Name: Mr. SANO Fumiaki

E-mail: fumiaki.sano@gmail.com

2015 Cohort
1. Mr. PENG He, Hitotsubashi University ICS
2. Ms. Linh NGUYEN, Peking University YCA
3. Mr. Fumiaki SANO, Tsinghua University

2017 Cohort
4. Mr. CHO Young Hyou, Tsinghua University
5. Mr. Hideo NATSUME, Tsinghua University
6. Ms. Erin SONG, Tsinghua University
7. Ms. KYAW Nan Sandar, Peking University YCA
8. Ms. NOH Minjoo, Peking University YCA

Contact Person

Name: Mr. PARK Byung Min

E-mail: bmpark@connect.ust.hk

2016 Cohort
1. Mr. PARK Byung Min, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2017 Cohort
2. Mr. Hijiri MIYAZAKI, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2018 Cohort
3. Ms. KIM Eunyoung, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
4. Mr. WANG Zaiyu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
5. Ms. Ayano SASAKI, Kyushu University – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Exchange)

Contact Person

Name: Mr. GAO Zongya

E-mail: jimmygaoics@yahoo.com

2014 Cohort
1. Mr. GAO Tianqi, Kyoto University

2016 Cohort
2. Ms. HENG Xin, Keio University
3. Mr. CHO Shuni, Zhejiang University
4. Ms. KIM Na Yeon, Waseda University (Summer Program Alumni)

2017 Cohort
5. Ms. KIM Daum, Keio University
6. Mr. GAO Zongya, Hitotsubashi University ICS

2018 Cohort
7. Mr. JIANG Wehao, Waseda University

Contact Person

Name: Ms. TANG Jiajie

E-mail: tangjiajie0422@gmail.com

2017 Cohort
1. Ms. WAN Ziyan, Kyoto University
2. Mr. PAN Weikan, Kyoto University
3. Mr. Frederick SO, Kyoto University
4. Ms. TANG Jiajie, Kyushu University

2018 Cohort
5. Mr. DING Yifan, Kyoto University
6. Mr. ZHU Yuancheng, Kyoto University
7. Ms. CHOW Chuo Ying, Kyoto University

Alumni Association Events