The Bai Xian Peer Mentoring Program aims to facilitate connections between BX Alumni and current scholars, and promote growth and learning through the exchange of ideas and experiences. 
BX Alumni/Scholars with work or academic experience from various industries and backgrounds serve as peer mentors and walk alongside mentees (current scholars and fresh graduates) for at least three months, during which they share and discuss their career and cross-cultural experiences. Their career fields include but are not limited to: business and investment, consulting, education, PR and communications, information technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Examples of companies and organizations our alumni work at include: BlackRock, GN Group, PwC, Deloitte, Kearney, Google, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook), Netflix, Panasonic Corporation, International Olympic Committee (IOC), Green Peace, UNICEF, and more.

BX Alumni/Scholars from different cohorts, academic disciplines, and career fields serve as our peer mentors and provide guidance to mentees. Apart from sharing about their AFLSP and study abroad experiences, mentors are also tasked to offer support and advice in various areas such as career development, personal growth, networking, workplace cultures, etc. As representatives of the BX community, they are committed to empowering fellow community members, promoting intercultural learning, and building bridges. Learn more about our past and current peer mentors by clicking into their profiles below!

Meet Our Peer Mentors

The Bai Xian Peer Mentoring Program 2023 is Now Open for Application!

Interested in connecting with a BX Alumnus/Scholar to share cultural experiences, exchange ideas, and discuss your academic and career goals? Sign up to be a mentee and take advantage of this valuable opportunity to broaden your perspectives, cultivate personal growth, and build bridges. The program also includes a career clinic and/or career talks with BX community members designed to help inspire and empower both mentors and mentees in their future career development.

Application deadline: December 10, 2023!


To learn more, please contact BXAI at [email protected].