Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program

The Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) awards up to 105 scholarships to high-caliber students in Asia each year to study abroad in leading universities across East Asia.

In its mission to create intercultural opportunities for the next generation of leaders, the AFLSP partners with 16 universities in nine cities, where scholars are welcome to pursue their choice of an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree or exchange program (subject to specific restrictions at each university).  The scholarship offers each student up to US$25,000 per year or a total of US$50,000 per scholar, which may be used towards university tuition, accommodation costs, and personal living expenses.

Scholars are required to participate in the annual BXAI Summer Program, a fun and enriching experience where they have the unique opportunity to explore important global topics, engage with guest speakers and fellow scholars, and be inspired by the culture and people of the host country.  Bai Xian Alumni are also invited to take part in the Bai Xian Alumni Initiative Award (AIA), a program that encourages them to work together in teams across campuses and borders to develop socially responsible action plans that address critical challenges faced by Asia’s communities, environments, and economies today.