BXAI Summer Program 2018 at The Yenching Academy of Peking University

The BXAI Summer Program 2018 was held from August 3 to 24, 2018 at Peking University in Beijing, China. 87 scholars from our 16 partner universities gathered to explore the theme of “Tradition and Innovation” through an engaging series of topic learning sessions, hands-on activities, and cultural experiences designed to expand their horizons and introduce new perspectives. BXAI was proud to have over 40 top academics and influential leaders from around the world lead panel discussions and workshops featuring the topics of “Heritage Preservation”, “Living Smart”, and “Urban-rural Integration”, while also inspiring scholars by sharing their personal insights and experiences.

Through exciting outdoor challenges such as a scavenger hunt around campus and a rewarding three-day excursion to the Great Wall, students also enjoyed many opportunities to build important life skills and form lifelong friendships. The Summer Program drew to a close with final student presentations, the Bai Xian Alumni Initiative Award pitch session, and a memorable closing ceremony and gala dinner on the last day.

BXAI Summer Program 2017 at Taiwan University

The BXAI Summer Program (SP) 2017 was held from July 31 to August 16, 2017 at Taiwan University’s campuses in Taipei and Xitou Nature Education Area.  Bringing together 117 students from our 16 partner universities, the SP offered a rich curriculum that centered on the theme of “Sustainability and Entrepreneurship” through panel presentations, debates, hands-on activities, and excursions.  Scholars enjoyed hearing from and interacting with over 35 guest speakers while engaging with fellow scholars about important issues affecting Asia today.

At Xitou, scholars spent one week learning about the environment and sustainability through fun experiential activities.  After returning to Taipei, they delved into more specific topics of interest, honed their soft skills at various workshops, and attended educational visits.  The SP wrapped up with final group presentations from scholars, the first Bai Xian Alumni Initiative Award pitch session, and a celebratory closing ceremony and gala dinner.

BXAI Summer Program 2016 at Waseda University

The BXAI Summer Program (SP) 2016 was held from August 3 to 24, 2016 at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.  131 scholars from our partner universities gathered for three weeks to explore important topics and engage with one another through small group research, lectures, and discussions that focused on Asia-centric issues such as aging societies and women’s roles, poverty and globalization, and sustainability.  Over 55 guest speakers were invited to share, while non-academic sessions such as team building activities, workshops, and excursions fostered personal growth for scholars and encouraged friendships to be formed.

Scholars also enjoyed a four-day trip to either Hiroshima or Tohoku, where they met inspirational locals and considered the topics of peace and disaster relief and reconstruction.  The last week saw scholars present their suggested solutions to global issues through final group presentations.  The SP concluded with an awards ceremony and a closing gala dinner.

BXAI Summer Program 2015 at Zhejiang University 

The first BXAI Summer Program (SP) was held from August 3 to 21, 2015 at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.  79 scholars from our eight partner universities took part in academic sessions and experiential activities designed to promote cross-cultural exchange, spark discussions, inspire ideas, and develop skills.  Over 40 influential leaders and experts from multiple disciplines shared their experiences and perspectives on various global topics – some gave lectures and facilitated discussions on critical issues such as healthcare, aging societies, and political systems, while others led soft skills workshops and special visits to further enrich the student learning experience.

Taking full advantage of this intercultural platform, scholars engaged in enthusiastic discussions, respectful debates, and close collaboration with one another.  The SP concluded with a memorable closing gala that featured student performances and a compelling keynote speech – a wonderful close to a summer highlighted by new friendships and cherished memories.