Prof. Proty WU

In this “A Defining Moment” video, Professor Wu talks about how forced experiences can actually help you develop your internal world.

Professor Proty Wu is the Deputy Vice President for International Affairs and Professor at the Department of Physics and Institute of Astrophysics at Taiwan University.  He is also a patented inventor and telescope maker, and has been tasked with designing observatories and planetariums in Taiwan.  Professor Wu led our public speaking forum at the BXAI Summer Program 2016.

My BXciting City

Calling all AFLSP Scholars!  Take photos of your study-abroad cities for the chance to be officially featured in the Bai Xian Community.

Today we’re launching our BXAI photo sharing campaign – My BXciting City – for scholars to show off their study-abroad experiences and the beauty of their adopted countries.

Don’t miss this opportunity and share your city today!

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Prof. Motokazu MATSUTANI

In this “A Defining Moment” video, Professor Motokazu MATSUTANI recalls his decision to study abroad in Korea in 1996, many years before Korean pop culture became popular in Japan.

Professor Motokazu MATSUTANI teaches East Asian history at Tohoku Gakuin University and led a panel on nuclear power and the environment at BXAI Summer Program 2016.

John-son OEI

In this “A Defining Moment” video, we asked John-Son OEI, CEO and founder of the Malaysian social entrepreneurship, EPIC Collective, to share about a defining moment of his life.  John-Son describes how relationships reminded him of what is most important in life in the midst of struggle.

EPIC Homes, under EPIC Collective, is recognized for building specially designed prefabricated homes for the indigenous Orang Asli people, and we were lucky to have John-Son share his experience with our AFLSP Scholars.

BXAIJ 2017 New Year's Party in Tokyo

The annual Bai Xian Asia Institute (Japan) Inc. (BXAIJ) New Year’s party was held on Jan 16 in Gakushi-Kaikan, Tokyo.  More than 100 guests including Bai Xian Scholars & Alumni, Board Governors of BXAIJ, and representatives from our 6 Japanese Anchor and Participating Universities joined the gathering to celebrate the new year and share about their AFLSP experience.

Mr. Yoshihiro WATANABE, President of BXAIJ, gave a warm welcome to open the night.  He reminded our Scholars and Alumni of the mission of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) and encouraged them to share about their future career goals and develop connections with each other.

Together with Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Hideki IWABUCHI, Director of Ministry of Education, and Mr. ZHANG Yaqiang, Councilor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan, also gave welcome remarks.  They looked forward to hearing about the study abroad experiences of AFLSP Scholars and the expansion of their worldviews.

BXAI is so grateful for the support of BXAIJ and our friends of Bai Xian in Japan.  We send our sincere wishes for the new year to you all!

Prof. Harry HARDING

Professor Harry Harding teaches Public Policy at the University of Virginia and is a visiting professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  He shared with our AFLSP Scholars at the BXAI Summer Program 2016 about how to learn successful leadership.  In this video, Professor Harding describes how two charismatic professors inspired him to teach political science.


Ms. Angela Cheung is the Managing Director at Asia Pacific Visual Ltd, which produces video content for brand films, commercials, documentaries and viral films with clients such as Disney or Morgan Stanley.

As a presenter trainer who has been giving presenting workshops around the world for over 15 years, Ms. Cheung participated in the BXAI Summer Program 2016 and taught our AFLSP Scholars how to overcome public speaking challenges and deliver effective speeches.

In this video, Ms. Cheung shared with us how a 15 second conversation with her headmistress changed her entire life.

Bai Xian Asia Institute is Recognized at The Peak Power List 2016 – Philanthropy Event

On November 8, 2016, Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI) Honorary Chairman Mr. Ronald Chao and CEO Ms. Ronna Chao were awarded at “The Peak Power List 2016 – Philanthropy” gala for their charitable efforts and vision.  One of ten Hong Kong charities awarded during this inaugural event, BXAI was recognized for its role in cultivating future leaders and fostering inter-cultural understanding in the East Asia region.

When asked about BXAI’s ultimate mission, Ms. Ronna Chao explained, “We see ourselves as a provider of blank paper for young people to freely question and discourse, examine old ideas and explore new ones, challenge themselves and each other, identify issues and design relevant solutions.”

Click Here to read the full interview of Ms. Ronna Chao.

BXAI Summer Program 2016 Highlight Video

Our second BXAI Summer Program 2016 was held at Waseda University in Tokyo from 3-24 August, 2016.  More than 130 students taking part in the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program from across Asia came together to participate in constructive dialogues, establishing mutual understanding and developing lifelong friendships.