The First BXAI Day was held in Hangzhou on 27 October, 2014.  It was well-attended by our Advisory Council members, Board Governors, Executive Committee members, representatives from Bai Xian Asia Institute (Japan) Inc., as well as other partners and supporters, including representatives from our partner universities and Bai Xian Foundation.

The day kicked off with an Open Forum in the morning followed by luncheon and the Institute’s third Board Meeting in the afternoon.

Our CEO, Ms. Ronna CHAO, provided an overview of BXAI’s 2014 achievements and introduced the topic for discussion: “Attracting the Best Minds of Asia” at the Open Forum.  The discussion centered around developing a distinct Asian scholarship program and enhancing support for our scholarship recipients.  Participants discussed the Institute’s unique positioning to connect peoples and institutions across Asia and to develop a scholarship program with a distinct Asian niche and experience.  In particular, participants were of the view that the BXAI Summer Program has great potential to connect all of the Institute’s stakeholders and promote the Asian way of education by exposing our scholars to the best policy, technology, social thought and corporate leaders here in Asia.