Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Board and all the staff at Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI), I regretfully announce that our President, Professor Woo Chia-Wei, will leave the Institute having completed his term of service.  As BXAI’s Founding President, Professor Woo’s experience and insight have been instrumental to the establishment of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP).  Under his leadership, the Academic Committee, whose members included Professor Chen Jay Chung, Professor Ch’i Hsi-sheng, Professor Hidetoshi Kotera, Professor Louis N. Y. Shen, Professor Katsuichu Uchida, and Professor Yu Jianxing, has set clear standards that will continue to guide and shape the Institute and the AFLSP as we go forward.

Following the departure of Professor Woo and the Academic Advisors, Professor Katsuichi Uchida, Assistant to the President for Global Affairs at Waseda University and President of the US-Japan Research Institute, shall serve as the Interim President while the Institute identifies a suitable successor.

To honor Professor Woo and his tremendous contributions, beginning in 2018, the Institute will annually grant an AFLSP Scholarship to one recipient as the “Woo Chia-Wei Asian Scholar”.

With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude, we wish Professor Woo every success in his next endeavor.

Ronna Chao
CEO, Bai Xian Asia Institute