Our Mission

Bai Xian Asia Institute believes that education is the most critical tool in building a world of greater understanding, trust, and stability. By strengthening relationships among the peoples and educational institutions of Asia, we seek to promote lasting friendships and bridge gaps across cultural differences.

Our programs empower young scholars and leading Asian universities to engage in discourse and share their experiences, in time contributing to a new era of cooperation and understanding as both students and teachers navigate communal challenges together as leaders in the changing global landscape.

The Institute is wholly independent, transparent in its ambitions, and driven by good governance. We strive to act with honor and integrity, respecting local and global diversity, and honoring our pledge to deliver best-in-class philanthropic leadership to transform lives.

Our Vision

The Institute will grow its programs in scale and scope to deliver the pre-eminent educational platform in Asia, ultimately working with top-tier universities in the region to promote inter-cultural learning opportunities.

Our programs will be considered the benchmark of excellence in their fields, while our alumni network of future leaders will support one another in serving their communities and contributing to a better, shared understanding in Asia and beyond.