Bai Xian Alumna, 2017 cohort
Zhejiang University


Artyom (Arty) had his first taste of studying and living abroad during his undergraduate years, when he participated in an exchange program to the US.  His experience led him to believe that cultural immersion provides valuable opportunities to learn and grow, and prompted him to move to Mainland China soon after his university graduation.  There, he taught English for nearly five years before pursuing his master’s degree at Zhejiang University with support from the AFLSP.

An entrepreneur, leader, and founder of multiple organizations, Arty, who has remained in China since completing his studies in 2019, credits the AFLSP for shaping much of his personal and professional journey.  “The skills and takeaways I acquired from the AFLSP have been invaluable to me.  I learned the importance of building relationships, being culturally aware, and expressing myself clearly and effectively – all of which have proved to be critical in the process of launching and growing my companies, especially as a foreigner in China,” he says, referring to his founding of an online education platform that bridges communities and individuals; and his newly launched Web 3.0 platform, which aims to create an immersive XR community by inviting users to build their own ecosystems and interact with one another.

As a Bai Xian Alumnus, Arty remains actively engaged within the Bai Xian community.  In addition to staying in touch with other BX Alumni through social media, he has also served as a mentor under the new Bai Xian Peer Mentoring Program, as well as a moderator for alumni sharing sessions.  “Bai Xian is a family, not a scholarship.  Being a BX Scholar is an identity, not a title,” says Arty.  “By connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, and fostering and maintaining friendships, we can empower one another as future leaders and truly make a positive impact in Asia and the world.”