Last Tuesday, Bai Xian Asia Institute (Japan) Inc. (BXAIJ) ushered in the new decade at their annual New Year’s party in Tokyo that saw over 80 guests in attendance, including Bai Xian friends, alumni, scholars, and representatives from our six Japanese Partner Universities. Distinguished guests Mr. Yoshihiro Watanabe, President of BXAIJ; Mr. Satonobu Matsunaga, Leader of the International Strategy Team at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Mr. Tatsukuni Uchida, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Zhang Yaqiang, Councilor of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, and Prof. Katsuichi Uchida, President of BXAI, each took to the stage to give welcome remarks as well as their personal perspectives and outlooks on the coming year, while our CEO, Ms. Ronna Chao, delivered a New Year’s message via video, where she encouraged scholars and alumni to continue building community with one another.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and a special thank you goes to BXAIJ for being such a great host. Warm wishes to everyone for a rewarding year ahead!