TSURU Miyuki

Looking back at her BXAI Summer Program experience, Miyuki Tsuru, a Japanese AFLSP Scholar studying at Peking University, recalls how a speaker at the AIA Entrepreneurship Workshop inspired her to approach her career plans from a refreshingly new perspective.

Ohanami in Kyoto

The Kyoto Chapter of our BXAI Alumni Association gathered at Heian Shrine last Wednesday to celebrate the beginning of spring and the arrival of Kyoto’s much-anticipated cherry blossom season.

Catching Up with Scholars and Alumni in Beijing

We had a great time connecting with some of our AFLSP Scholars last weekend at the Yenching Global Symposium, a three-day academic conference hosted by the Yenching Academy of Peking University (YCA) and fully funded by Bai Xian Education Foundation.  Outside the conference, we also had the chance to catch up with other Beijing-based scholars and alumni, many of whom shared about their study abroad experiences and efforts to build bridges across cultures both within and beyond the Bai Xian community.

Our thanks to YCA for hosting us, and a special thanks goes to Ms. Angela Cheung of our Communication and Development Committee, who helped capture the interviews with our scholars and alumni on camera.  Watch this space for more videos coming soon!

Spring in Bloom

Last Sunday, the Tokyo Chapter of our newly launched BXAI Alumni Association welcomed the spring season by taking part in ohanami, the traditional Japanese custom of cherry blossom viewing. Tokyo-based scholars and alumni, along with their family and friends, gathered at Yogogi Park for a fun and relaxing picnic under the beautiful cherry blossoms. Stay tuned for more alumni events coming up in your area soon!

PAN Ning

Ning Pan is a Taiwanese AFLSP Scholar studying at Waseda University.  She talks to us about how her study abroad experience in Japan enriched her understanding of the country’s history and helped shape her future career goals.

BXcited for the Newly Launched BXAI Alumni Association!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the BXAI Alumni Association! Comprising four city-based alumni chapters in Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, and Kyoto, the BXAI Alumni Association aims to further the mission and vision of BXAI by building a close-knit community across Asia.

Check out our website for upcoming alumni events here: https://www.bxai.org/alumni-association/


As he reflects on his AFLSP and BXAI Summer Program experiences, Yuya Hashinaga, a Japanese AFLSP Scholar studying at the University of Hong Kong, emphasizes the unique advantage scholars have as members of the BX community.  “Developing cross-cultural understanding and the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds are valuable experiences you cannot put into a formula,” says Yuya.

KIM Daum

“The AFLSP helped me realize who I should be and my role in society… which is a bridge of three countries (China, Korea, and Japan),” says Daum Kim, a Korean AFLSP Scholar studying at Keio University, as she shares about how her AFLSP experience allowed her to find her identity and purpose


Yura Hyeon, a Korean AFLSP Scholar studying at Zhejiang University, shares about how her field trips to rural areas in China inspired her to explore new ways to connect Chinese and Korean villages to promote development and sustainability in the region.

Prof. LU Yang

Lu Yang is a history professor at Peking University and the Director of Graduate Studies at Yenching Academy of Peking University.  At the BXAI Summer Program 2018, Professor Lu led the “Heritage Preservation” topic learning stream, where he engaged students in exploring the relationships between urban planning, heritage sites, and local communities.

For Professor Lu, the study of history is an exciting journey of learning about our past and finding connections between the past and present – a journey that he believes adds value to the cultural traditions of the world.  His career as a historian has led him to realize how his personal experiences influence his work.  “Sometimes your experiences enrich your knowledge and make it easier for you to connect to certain periods or people of the past, but on the other hand, your experiences can also limit you in your understanding of historical contexts that may seem foreign to you,” he explains. “My goal is to constantly maintain a balance of using my own experience to understand the past and allowing the past to teach me where my experience is limited.”

Professor Lu encourages students to stay inquisitive and to continuously reflect on their positions, even if they feel confident about what they know on a particular subject.  To further their learning and strengthen their critical thinking, he encourages students to engage and even challenge professors through productive conversations that explore the relationship between assumption and research.