Last month, 31 Kyoto University scholars from our 2015 to 2017 cohorts participated in the university’s first AFLSP annual meeting organized by Professor ZHAO Liang, where they gave presentations on their recent academic studies, social activities, and proposals for Sustainable Development Goals to a judging panel of professors and alumni.  A big congratulations to DING Yu, MENG Weijie, and WEN Tianyu, who were commended for best activities!

Many thanks to all attending faculty including Professor Katsuichi UCHIDA, Professor Tsuyoshi KATO, Professor Shinsuke KAWAZOE, Professor Masao MITSUYAMA, Professor AN Lin, and Professor HAN Liyou, who contributed their valuable time and advice to benefit our scholars.

As one of our Anchor Universities, Kyoto University has cultivated 49 AFLSP Scholars to date across its 12 graduate schools.  Thanks again for your continuous support of our scholarship program!