University Strategies in the Age of Uncertainty: Globalization of Japanese Society and the Roles of Universities

by Prof. Uchida Katsuichi, President of BXAI

Comprising nine chapters, this book discusses strategies for the development of universities within the context of contemporary Japanese society, which has witnessed three major trends:


1.  Explosion of world population and decrease in population of Japan
The world population will rise from 7.7 to 9.7 billion by 2050, while Japan’s population will drop from 126 to 100 million due to a continued decrease in birth rate.


2.  Globalization of Japanese society
The proportion of foreigners in Japan is growing and will soon account for over 10% of its overall population – a phenomenon known as internal globalization.  As Japan evolves into a more multicultural and multiracial nation, the harmonious coexistence of people from different cultures and backgrounds will become increasingly important.


3.  Rapid development of science and technology
Contemporary society is characterized by artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, biochemical engineering, gene recombination, genetic engineering, and information technology, and while the development of science and technology should be encouraged, it is also critical to ensure adequate regulation to avoid abuse and exploitation.

The effects and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on contemporary society are also discussed.

Based on how Japanese society is evolving in “an age of uncertainty”, Prof. Uchida examines various university strategies across topics of education and research:

  • Development stages and different types of universities
  • National importance of science and technology advancement
  • Importance of developing higher education in national language
  • Intense global competition among universities in terms of research and education
  • Academic mobility of students and researchers beyond national border
  • English as a common university language
  • Internationalization and globalization of university
  • Importance of liberal arts education
  • Legal study as liberal arts
  • Governance and finance of globalized universities
  • University and society after the COVID-19 pandemic