This month, a group of scholars and buddies from Waseda University took a three-day trip to Nagasaki Prefecture under the guidance of professors and staff from the university’s School of Political Science and Economics.

The trip kicked off with a visit to Dejima, where students learned about the local culture and history of the area that was once an artificial island.  Tours of the Atomic Bomb Museum and National Peace Memorial Hall gave students an opportunity to interact with survivors and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the history of nuclear weapons.  “The heavy casualties and destruction depicted by the historical pictures reminded me of the precious value of peace and the importance of moving forward together,” comments WU Yutong, an AFLSP Scholar from 2016 cohort.

After a specially granted visit to the US Fleet Activities Sasebo, a United States naval base, students learned more about issues surrounding nuclear weapons abolition from a special lecture given by Professor Hirose Satoshi and members of the Nagasaki Youth Delegation from Nagasaki University.

A big thank you to all professors and staff for arranging such a meaningful and educational tour!