When it came time to select a university, half-Chinese half-Japanese Bai Xian Scholar Ami HIGUCHI followed in her father and sister’s footsteps and decided to leave Canada where she spent her adolescence to study at Peking University.  Ami, who grew up in a multicultural environment, explains that what motivated her to move halfway across the world was China’s robust economic development and the lively spirit of its citizens.

Currently studying international relations, Ami is also actively involved in organizing activities for Chinese and Japanese students.  She initiated “Project Abroad” last year, a conference focusing on social entrepreneurship and higher education for Chinese students to participate in in-depth discussions with Japanese leading entrepreneurs, practitioners, and students.  “The project was very successful and it was encouraging to see participants engage in open dialogues with one another to explore their future possibilities,” says Ami.

An advocate of intercultural exchange and education, Ami credits her international outlook to the BXAI Summer Program.  “I find we all belong to multiple cultures and Bai Xian offers a valuable platform for cross-cultural learning,” she says.  After attending the Summer Program, Ami was inspired to set up Là China, a Japanese media platform that provides information on China’s development from millennial perspectives.