Our Virtual Joint Orientations were held between September and October, where we had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with our new cohort of Bai Xian Scholars. Scholars also enjoyed hearing from BX Alumnae including Ayano Sasaki and Kaori Kohyama from The Leads Asia, who spoke about fostering constructive dialogues between young people in Asia through their online discussion platform; as well as Kyoto University graduate Wan Ziyan, who is currently working in Tokyo and shared practical tips on job hunting in Japan.

A warm welcome once again to the newest members of the Bai Xian community! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

“Right when the pandemic was getting more and more serious in Japan, Ayano and I felt we needed to do something to counteract the growing skepticism of globalization and highlight the importance of a multicultural environment and the sharing of ideas,” said BX Alumna Kaori Kohyama, who cofounded The Leads Asia alongside Ayano Sasaki in April as an online discussion platform for like-minded scholars to discuss critical global issues. Watch their sharing from our virtual orientation to learn more about their work!

“The Bai Xian community is a great platform that connects alumni and students from different cohorts and regions – I’m thankful to have met lifelong friends and even colleagues through this community,” said BX Alumna Wan Ziyan. Currently working as a consultant in Tokyo, Ziyan shared openly about her job hunting experience and tips for working abroad. Watch her recording to learn more!