“Our story began in 2018 when I first met Jiajie at a BX gathering in Kyoto – as a new scholar, I listened attentively to her sharing as an alumna. We didn’t talk much until we met again at BXAIJ’s New Year party the following year, and rest is history,” says BX Alumnus Allen Zhu from our 2018 cohort, who married fellow scholar Tang Jiajie from the 2017 cohort earlier this month and credits BXAI for bringing the couple together. “Thanks to the unappetizing food at our campus cafeteria, we found ourselves cooking together at each other’s homes a lot and gradually became closer.” Allen and Jiajie also had the opportunity to experience the 2019 Summer Program together, with Jiajie as a student ambassador and Allen as a participant. “I’ll never forget the moment at the gala dinner when I was on stage thanking BXAI for bringing Allen and I together, and Allen shouting ‘I love you!’ back to me in front of all our peers!” Jiajie reflects with a smile.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!