Although we cannot meet face to face as planned this summer, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new series of Virtual Community Events – a special initiative developed to connect and engage the Bai Xian community.

Starting from next week, a variety of online sessions covering topical issues, community building, career development, and soft skills training will be open to all members of the community.  These virtual engagement opportunities have been thoughtfully designed to enable participants to explore adaptive leadership skills and critical issues brought about by the global crisis in a safe yet stimulating environment amongst fellow Bai Xian community members.

Highlights of the Virtual Community Events include:

  • Coffee time with the BX community
  • BX career talk: practical tips for career development
  • Adaptive leadership session
  • Public speaking workshop
  • Webinar: “How has the pandemic affected the landscape of Asia?”
  • Webinar: “The Corrosive Problem of Economic Inequality”
  • Webinar: “What does crisis management look like for different businesses?”

Join us for an exciting season of learning, exploration, and growth!  More details on each session and registration are available on the BXAI Virtual Community Events website here!