Danit Gal is Project Assistant Professor at the Cyber Civilization Research Center at Keio University Global Research Institute, where she specializes in the implications and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology geopolitics. Speaking at the “Living Smart” topic learning session at the BXAI Summer Program 2018, Danit shared her research on AI and discussed with students regarding the responsible use of technology in today’s world.

With a background in cyber-security, Danit began her career investigating how technology is used by terrorists, which led her to realize that her true interests lay in “seeing the bigger picture” of technology, i.e., exploring how society and technology interact with and shape each other. This defining moment compelled her to ultimately shift her specialization to AI, where she researches and examines sustainable ways to use technology to benefit humanity.

On using technology responsibly, Danit advises, “Be intelligent about the technology you use and how you use it. We really need to understand that just because it works, it doesn’t mean it will work for us. We should make intelligent decisions about what we decide to bring into our lives.”