“Life is about the journey, not the destination,” said Mr. Gary Lo, managing director and principal instructor of Glo Consulting, at the “Exploring Career Aspirations – Finding your Passion and Career Planning” webinar last Friday.  “We need to learn to embrace the process and trust that our passion, talents, and career experiences will all be connected in the long run.”

According to Gary, “passion” is something that energizes and motivates us, something we do regardless of compensation, and something that is meaningful to us that we would pursue to perfection.  Meanwhile, he defines “success” as being able to achieve “sustainable happiness”, explaining that success is often found at the synergy point where passion, career, and strength meet.  Gary also spoke about strategic career planning, which involves working backwards from our long-term goal, finding our “anchor field”, and prioritizing intangible career values.  “When we are able to find our passion, we also have the ability to inspire people around us to likewise find their own passion,” he said.  “That, to me, is even more important and rewarding.”

How can we be strategic about achieving our career goals?  What’s passion got to do with it?  Check out some of Gary Lo’s top tips on how to effectively plan a career, as captured by graphic recorder, Chan Wai.