“Loneliness and depression come in so many different forms.  Mental health is a spectrum so it’s important not to always portray it in the worst scenarios, but in a way that everyone can easily understand and relate to,” said Yuyu Kitamura at the film screening while sharing about her first film, Invited In.

Reflecting back on her filmmaking debut, she said, “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that just because you are not technically ‘something’ doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  I was not technically a director, but now I can say I am one,” she said as she encouraged scholars and alumni to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.  “It’s terrifying to do anything new.  But I believe that if anything makes you excited and scared, it’s probably worth trying.”

Meet Our Speaker: Yuyu Kitamura

Hear more from former BX intern and first-time director, Yuyu, who shares about how she pursued her dream and the value of being part of a community like Bai Xian.

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