“We are living in an era where taking an action doesn’t require (lots of) risk. Whether it’s vision to action, or action to vision, if it’s your passion, go for it!” said BX Alumna Daum Kim at the “Dialogue with BX Alumni: Transforming Vision into Action” webinar on December 17, moderated by BX Alumna Ayano Sasaki and featuring another BX Alumnus Sho Hayashi.  Sharing about how they brought their visions to fruition, our panelists have learned to stay honest to their passions, be confident in their uniqueness and skills, and collaborate with people who share the same vision along their journeys.  “Instead of sticking to your project, stick to your vision. I truly believe that every one of us can be entrepreneurial and pursue our vision in our own ways,” said Sho.

Session Notes

0:33  Introduction of moderator and panelists
1:46  Self-introduction by Sho
9:59  Self-introduction by Daum
22:55  [Discussion question to Sho] How did you kickstart your project and manage the risks that came along?
30:06  [Discussion question to Daum] Why would you start your own social projects and what was the most difficult when starting one at the age of 15?
33:59  [Q&A] What would you say is the most important thing to focus on when starting your own company?
38:09  [Q&A] Where did the vision for your project come from?
44:43  [Q&A] What are your thoughts on choosing co-founders or initial team members?
51:10  Do you have any advice to people who are thinking about kickstarting their own projects?


What are the keys to transforming vision into action?  Check out our graphic recorder Chan Wai’s visual recap to learn about Daum and Sho’s journeys to philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.