Salman MOHAMMED currently attends the University of Cape Coast in Ghana where he is majoring in Economics and Sociology.  Attending BXAI Summer Program 2016 as a Kufuor Scholar, Salman credits the BXAI Summer Program as a pivotal experience.

“Coming to Japan has been a very awesome experience,” said Salman.  Although he had to endure a nearly twenty-hour flight in order to finally reach Japan, Salman was glad that he made the journey.

“Interacting with people of different cultures from different backgrounds is something that is needed in the modern world,” said Salman.  Citing economists Thomas Friedman and David Bloom, Salman believes that the world is more interconnected than ever before, which makes intercultural education all the more vital.  The effects of international education is something that he, as an aspiring diplomat, experienced personally in the Bai Xian Community.