#BXSP21: Add-on Tasks and Opportunities!

Calling all #BXSP21 participants!  Here comes our Summer Program virtual board game: “Challenges and Opportunities”.  Simply complete the daily task during the Summer Program to earn points and level up for a chance to win a cash coupon of HKD500 and special gifts!  For bonus points, be on the lookout for add-on tasks and opportunities.  Watch this space for more “opportunities”!

Day 9 Bonus Task One: Continue to Build Virtual Bridges!

☕️Join us at the “Coffee & Chat” to connect with the BX community!
📸Snap a photo/video of you joining the session and tag us @baixianasiainstitute #BXSP21)


Day 9 Bonus Task Two: Use the #BXSP21 Filters!

📸Take a photo/video of how you enjoy the #BXSP21 using our Facebook/Instagram filters!
🏷Tag us @baixianasiainstitute #BXSP21


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