GAO Tianqi joined the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program in 2014. After graduating from Kyoto University with a Master’s in Agriculture in 2016, he travelled with his friend Stephen Njehia to Kenya in September.

Gao Tianqi and Stephen Njehia have known each other since their very first day at Kyoto University.  Sharing the same laboratory and research interests, they quickly became close friends. After graduation, Stephen invited Gao to visit his hometown in Kenya, an offer that Gao accepted immediately: “I had heard so many exotic stories about Kenya from Stephen.”

In Kenya, Gao was warmly welcomed by Stephen’s family.  Together they visited Aberdare National Park, attended a traditional marriage ceremony and joined a Japanese bamboo research group in a 3000 meter altitude highland close to the Equator.

Following his return from Kenya, Gao will soon start his work at SHIBUYA SEIKI CO., LTD, a Japan-based company that provides industrial technology for processing and packaging fruits and vegetables.  “I hope that my work in agricultural science will benefit Asian countries, and contribute to Africa-Asia relations. In particular I hope to focus on relations with Kenya, as it’s a place that I hold a deep affinity with.”

(Photo credit: GAO Tianqi )