Wan Yan is an Bai Xian Scholar who graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with an MPhil degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2016.  Currently, he is working as a software engineer in the Software Technology and Optimization division of Intel Corporation in Shanghai.

In his position, Wan Yan is focused on developing the BigDL, a distributed deep learning library for Apache Spark by Intel.  It is designed to accelerate procedures for developing open-source applications through artificial intelligence support.

The technology behind it is called “deep learning artificial intelligence”, which heavily relies on computer calculations.  “An immense amount of numbers are required to be ‘learned’ by the algorithm.” Wan Yan said.

His interest in developing artificial intelligence comes from his dream of building a pet-like robot that understands, empathizes and reciprocates human emotions.  “I hope one day the robot can facilitate human relations, empathize with our emotions, and express appropriate responses.”

When asked about what motivates him to follow his dream, Wan Yan regards the knowledge and friendships gained during his study abroad experience as important inspirations for his life and work.  “The knowledge I learned in my graduate school set the infrastructure of my current job, and the friends I met in BXAI continue to enlighten and energize me. I always feel accompanied and surrounded”.