Benedict Kim graduated from Zhejiang University (ZJU) in 2017 under the AFLSP with a master’s degree in public administration.  Fluent in Mandarin and Korean, Benedict currently works at the South Korean Consulate General in Xi’an, where he hopes to contribute to the development of bilateral relations between China and South Korea.  “The two countries share a lot of similarities, particularly from a traditional and cultural perspective,” says Benedict. “I believe this is a great platform on which both countries can build closer relations with one another.”

Prior to earning his master’s degree, Benedict acquired a bachelor’s degree in international trade, also from ZJU.  His extended study abroad experiences in Mainland China have equipped him well to pursue a career in international relations. “It is a blessing that I wasn’t expecting before,” he says, adding that his time at Waseda University during the Summer Program opened his eyes to the importance of shared experiences and mutual understanding amongst people of different backgrounds. “Together, we can collaborate and tackle key issues in Asia, especially since our interests and perspectives can be shared,” he says.