Having recently graduated from Kyoto University with a master’s degree in engineering, BX Alumnus Ding Hao, who hails from Mainland China, is now preparing himself for his new role as IT consultant at Simplex Inc., a Tokyo-based firm that provides consulting services to financial institutions through the use of sophisticated technologies.

The multilingual Hao, who speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English, looks forward to starting his career in an international environment that will equip him with business skills and prepare him for the future.  “One of the things I value about the firm is its mix of employees from different backgrounds, which is an important component for success, as I’ve learned through the AFLSP,” says Hao.

Japan’s historic success in transforming advanced technology into affordable consumer products has also been an inspiration for Hao.  “Japan’s market is relatively small, while China has the market but lacks the technology.  One day, I hope to bridge the high-tech markets of Japan and China.  Both cultures hold similar values and I think this is a good entry point to build mutual trust.  Bilateral collaboration would boost technological innovation, increase market share, and improve stability and development in the region.”