It was at BXAI Summer Program 2017 where Jeong Shin Young, an Bai Xian Scholar pursuing a postgraduate degree in mechanical engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), discovered that his interest in technological innovation and passion for social responsibility could be married to create something meaningful.  After meeting with social entrepreneurs at the Summer Program, Shin Young learned that social enterprises could make a profit while achieving specific social objectives.  “We need industrial support for innovation-oriented research, and I aim to bridge the academic and tech fields to create new technologies and tackle real-world problems,” he says.

As an undergraduate, Shin Young created an electronic medical kit used to detect certain diseases through human breath.  With guidance from his professors, he successfully developed this energy-saving device at a low production cost and was able to introduce it in Cambodian slums.  “This experience made me believe that with my knowledge and skills, I can help people and contribute to a better society,” says Shin Young.

Following his graduation, Shin Young plans to become a research assistant.  “My goal is to establish my own company to support industrial development through technological innovation.”