Graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with an MPhil in Chemical Engineering in 2014, QIN Yiming is currently working as a research assistant at City University of Hong Kong.  She will pursue her doctoral degree at Harvard University on Engineering and Applied Sciences this autumn.

“I believe our research on the sources and effects of pollutants in the atmosphere are important for preventing and mitigating air pollution,” saidQin.  Chasing her dream of being an academia, Qin aims to explore the frontiers in the area of air pollution

“My studies will include field experiments in Amazonia on drone-based sensors and some chamber experiments.  Hopefully, we can find some interesting results and provide new discoveries on isoprene reactivity.” Qin introduced her studies at Harvard University utilized the state-of-art technique and would create a new platform for air pollution study.

Qin appreciates all the leadership training and cross-cultural comparative studies from the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) at HKUST .  “The AFLSP was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me.  I’ve met many passionate fellow students and we developed the life-long friendship through this program.” said Qin.