[Blog] Summer Program 2022 Session Recaps: Graphic Recordings

The 2022 Summer Program featured a series of academic sessions, webinars, and soft skill training workshops, each designed to broaden perspectives, foster community, and extend learning beyond the classroom. Scholars enjoyed learning about self-leadership at the leadership workshop, exploring the practical applications of AI at the panel session with academic experts, and hearing about topical tech trends such as web3 and NFT at an illuminating webinar. View some of the highlights of these sessions through the artistic lens of graphic recorder and BX friend, Chan Wai.

Leadership workshop

Fyiona Yong, director of Wholistic Coachsulting Ltd., led a fantastic leadership workshop at this year’s Summer Program. Find out more about her insights on self-leadership and how to foster a growth mindset!


Webinar: web3: Evolving into a New Order?

Led by Mr. Joichi Ito, co-founder, board member, and chief architect of Digital Garage, this webinar was a crash course in all things web3, covering everything from NFTs and blockchain to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).


Webinar: Trends of Asia – Insights for the Young Generation

Moderated by Ms. Pauline Yeung from the Asia Business Council and featuring panelists Prof. Koo Min Gyo from Seoul National University, Prof. Fujikawa Yoshinori from Hitotsubashi ICS, and Dr. Hong Nong from the Institute for China-America Studies, this webinar explored the impact of issues such as gender equality, cultural influences, and the “bamboo ceiling” on East Asian economies, as well as what recent trends in international relations, economic development, and educational exchange may mean for the younger generation.


Academic Session: Practical Applications of AI

Led by Prof. Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Prof. Alice Oh (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), and Prof. Peter Pietzuch (Imperial College London), and moderated by BX Alumna, Dane Ellice Ancheta, the panel discussion challenged scholars to consider not only the capabilities and potential of AI, but also its limitations and disadvantages.


BX Alumni Roundtable: Careers in the Digital Age

BX Alumni, Mr. Ken Chen, Lead Developer at Blackrock China; Ms. Daum Kim, Deputy Chief Architect at Digital Garage; Ms. Linh Nguyen, Public Policy Associate at Meta; and Mr. Steven Yang, trainee at UNESCO; shared about their work experiences in digital transformation, technology policy, web3, and AI ethics, and offered insights and advice on pursuing a career in technology and innovation.


Fireside chat

Moderated by BX Alumna, Yerin Chu, the fireside chat featured Mr. Ronald Chao, Honorary Chairman of BXAI; Mr. Yutaka Aso, former Chairman of Aso Corporation; and Ms. Laura Cozijnsen, founder of Lighthouse Consultant Limited, who shared about their perspectives on leadership, education, and diversity. Scholars had a valuable opportunity to hear from members of BXAI’s leadership on their visions, life journeys, and entrepreneurship experiences.