Although the 2022 Summer Program was held virtually due to ongoing travel restrictions, this did not stop us from exploring, connecting with one another, and having fun! “Travel with Me” was a newly introduced, offline component of the Summer Program, where one person traveled on behalf of another, with the main focus of the activity being exploration of culture. Two scholars in different locations were paired up to form one travel group, with one scholar “traveling” within his/her own city on behalf of the other based on an itinerary created by the other scholar (and vice versa).

Enjoy some of the highlights of our scholars’ travels below.

Travel with Me – Culture Explorers

Our scholars in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mainland China, South Korea, and Japan offered us a glimpse of Asia’s beautiful architecture, nature, art, and history.

Travel with Me – Tasting Asia

An important part of our scholars’ quest to explore culture was, of course, to sample the unique flavors of the local cuisine – check out some of the mouthwatering dishes they enjoyed!

Travel with Bai Xian

The Bai Xian team also got in on the action, putting together a short video featuring Hong Kong’s rich culture, delectable cuisine, charming neighborhoods, and iconic skyline.