For Taiwanese student TSAI You-shan, an Bai Xian Scholar from Kyoto University, one of her biggest takeaways from her study abroad experience is a deeper appreciation for the many cultures in Asia.  “The AFLSP provided me with opportunities to interact with like-minded scholars from many Asian countries.  I believe that together, we can develop innovative and impactful ideas that will benefit Asia as a whole,” she says.

Currently researching interactions between plants and microbes, You-shan hopes to develop organic hydroponics (a soilless method of growing plants using nutrient solutions) by screening useful microbes from soil to promote plant growth.  “I believe this system of farming will reduce the consumption of chemical fertilizers and make the agricultural industry more sustainable,” she says.

After graduation, You-shan, who is fluent in Chinese, English, and Japanese, plans to work in trans-regional agriculture in Japan to help boost green technology in Asia and beyond.