Our first webinar, “How Has the Pandemic Affected the Landscape of Asia?”, was held on July 10 moderated by Ms. Jean Sung, Board and Executive Committee Member of BXAI, and featuring panelists Prof. Rumi Aoyama from Waseda University; Prof. Koo Mingyo from Seoul National University; and Ms. Bing Song, Vice President of the Berggruen Institute.

Exploring Asia-specific issues in the COVID-19 era, our panelists identified the many challenges that have surfaced but also the wealth of opportunities that have cropped up such as virtual globalization, interregional collaboration, and redefining the Asian identity. Ms. Sung wrapped up the session with a thought-provoking message, “Attitude is not aptitude and we determine our own altitude. If you think about people first, then the planet, then profitability for the planet and people, you will be able to build bridges across Asia and contribute to a harmonious world.”

Session Notes

1:29-3:02 Introduction of moderator and panelists
How has the pandemic affected the landscape of Asia?
3:03-9:25 Sharing by Prof. Rumi Aoyama
9:26-19:59 Sharing by Prof. Koo Mingyo
20:00-34:14 Sharing by Ms. Bing Song
34:15-37:58 Why do you think the infection numbers in Asia have been contained?
37:59-40:25 How do you see the Asian culture of obedience in response to the pandemic?
40:26-43:08 How do you see the advancement of IT, AI or medical technology?
43:09-49:45 Are there new opportunities for the young generation?
49:46-1:01:07 Q&A
1:01:08-1:02:41 Wrap-up message from Ms. Jean Sung

How has the pandemic affected the landscape of Asia? From challenges to Asian values and identity to new opportunities for the younger generation, check out the highlights of our webinar and major points shared by our panelists from China, Korea and Japan. Thank you again to BX friend Chan Wai for artistically summarizing another Virtual Community Event for us!