Our final webinar, “What Does Crisis Management Look Like for Different Businesses?”, was held on August 6 moderated by Ms. Helen Chen, Communication and Development Committee Member of BXAI, and featuring panelists Mr. Chan Wai, graphic recorder; Ms. Laura Cozijnsen, founder of Lighthouse Consultant Limited; and Ms. Aurea Yung, Head of Operations at Foodlink Foundation.

Discussing the challenges brought about by the global crisis from different perspectives, our panelists shared openly about how the pandemic prompted them to rethink and modify their business practices, look for new opportunities, and proactively prepare for future challenges in the post-COVID world. Instead of living with a mindset that things will go back to normal, we were encouraged to reorient our viewpoint while maintaining a positive outlook informed by agility, adaptability, and resilience.

Session Notes

1:09-9:03 Introduction of moderator and panelists
9:04-31:44 What are the significant differences that you have experienced before and after the pandemic?
10:14-15:27 Sharing by Chan Wai
15:28-19:51 Sharing by Laura
19:52-23:25 Sharing by Helen
23:26-31:44 Sharing by Aurea
31:45-45:29 How do you plan proactively for the future challenges?
32:48-35:47 Sharing by Laura
35:48-37:56 Sharing by Chan Wai
37:57-42:12 Sharing by Aurea
42:13-45:29 Sharing by Helen
45:30-48:41 Chan Wai’s takeaways from digital recording
48:42-1:15:12 Q&A
1:15:13-1:19:18 Words of advice from the speakers

A special shout-out to graphic recorder Chan Wai, who has digitally scribed many of our virtual sessions this summer (including his own!). We enjoyed hearing about how he and our other panelists have learned to not just survive, but thrive in times of crisis. Find out more about what was shared through his drawing below!

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