As he reflects on his AFLSP experience, Wu Siyu recalls gaining a more optimistic perspective of the future through his interactions with fellow scholars, many of whom were “enthusiastic about changing the future of Asia and the world”.  It was during the 2016 BXAI Summer Program when the graduate of The University of Tokyo further explored his own strengths and passions and seriously considered his future.  After meeting many leaders in the financial field, Siyu realized that his interests and skills would be better applied to a career in finance rather than his initial plan of working in the renewable energy industry.  “My goal is to help companies to best compete and grow in a changing world,” says Siyu, who currently works as an analyst at ICBC International Holdings Limited in Hong Kong.

Encouraged by the lively and valuable exchanges he had with other scholars during his time in the AFLSP, Siyu hopes that the young people of his generation will continue to “engage in constructive conversations to build a brighter future” in Asia and beyond.