CHANG Tsu Wei is a double degree student at Waseda University and Taiwan University where she studies Political Science and Economics.  She aspires to someday become a diplomat.

BXAI Summer Program 2016 helped Chang develop close relations with peers from all over the world, and become aware of different ideas.  In particular she enjoyed discussing cross-strait relations with her Mainland Chinese roommate, and hearing her roommate’s perspective on WWII as they toured the Peace Memorial Hall in Hiroshima.

In the coming year Chang plans to prepare for the public service examination she will need in Taiwan to take in order to pursue a career in politics.  She will also share her experience of being in the double degree program as an AFLSP Scholar with incoming students at her school’s orientation.  In the near future, however, Chang hopes to spend some time with her parents, for she has not had as much time to spend with them recently due to her busy academic schedule.