An AFLSP graduate from Kyoto University with a Masters in Nuclear Engineering, ZHANG Zeyu is currently working at Yamada Business Consulting in Tokyo.  Although different from what he studied in academia,Zhang has excelled in his new work by utilizing his outstanding communication and organization skills.

In 2014 Zhang worked with his Japanese friends to establish “Japan-China Friendship,” an organization that hosts annual study trips for Chinese students interested in studying in Japan.

During their trips to Fukushima, Tokyo, Hakone, and Kansai, they learned first-hand about local Japanese communities.  In Fukushima, they gained a deeper understanding of reconstruction and restoration efforts in wake of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.  “We talked with local volunteers and residents, and learned how to measure nucleus concentration in local agricultural products, such as strawberries,” said Zhang.

Zhang says maximally 40 students join this trip every year: “We are glad to see that more and more Chinese students are willing and curious to understand Japan.”