Jackson TSE is an AFLSP Scholar from Peking University where he is pursuing a Masters in China Studies at Yenching Academy.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, he is passionate about expanding educational access in developing Asian countries.

Jackson has held an interest in social entrepreneurship since high school when he co-founded Project Laos, a nonprofit organization that equips Laotian students with educational resources such as teachers, textbooks, furniture, and computers.  He hopes that by increasing educational access he can help economic development in the Asia Pacific.

“I think the quickest way to do that is working to improve the educational institutions in Asia,” said Jackson, believing that a good education is a prerequisite to the economic success of any country.  According to him, every child should have the same access to education regardless of where they come from.

Jackson hopes to gain experience in multinational corporations to understand how the private sector affects educational policies.  In the long-term, he plans to use that insight to increase educational opportunities for people.